Welcome to WATTS (We All Turn To Solar) Up America we are committed to building a vertically integrated approach to bringing the forgotten masses of low income people into the wide range of green technologies and industries by building fully funded projects that will employ them.  We have a simple path of House, Train, Employ the population we serve.  We hope you will join us in the wide range of methods from investment, volunteer, and donate in our wide range of projects and programs.

Jim Oberst

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Curtis Thomsen

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Dale Whitney - advisor for interfaith partners. Dale is a valued member of the South Coast Interfaith Council that represents 140 religious institutions.

Sustainable Electric Solutions - our residential solar and residential green technology advisors
Factory Built Homes Direct another one of our housing sources
Green Magic Homes (one of the housing firms we work with)
The last Saturday in April is Children's Day and WATTS Up America LLC is a proud supporter of the day to praise children and those that fight for them. We hope to grow the day nationwide and the education plans of the organization. See you in April!