Welcome to WATTS (We All Turn To Solar) Up America we are committed to building a vertically integrated approach to bringing the forgotten masses of low income people into the wide range of green technologies and industries by building fully funded projects that will employ them.  We have a simple path of House, Train, Employ the population we serve.  We hope you will join us in the wide range of methods from investment, volunteer, and donate in our wide range of projects and programs.

Our poverty plan starts with a 3 point plan


This starts with finding a client who wants to find a better life but it in a hard place in life now (homeless, virtually homeless, living under the poverty line). We get that person on SSDI or some federally supported income and find or build housing for that person or family that is 1/3rd to 1/2 of their income.


This point we not just train them for a job but try to clean up the interpersonal issues that may be preventing this person from having a quality life. The cleanup phase can include mental health services, drug treatment, personal development, family issues to name a few. We in this phase focused on training on a job that we can get a job for our resident. We use a wide range of tax credits and profits from rent and programs (both state and federal) to help offset costs of the training phase.

Employ / Empower

This is when we leverage the asset value of the home our resident is paying for to generate the JOB or first contract that will provide a living wage for our resident. We also know for some employment that is self-sustaining may not be possible for those we can house them for the rest of their lives and find them good internships and volunteer programs that build a good quality life that may never find a full time income.

It is our hope that as clients find employment that they will move out of the program and we then help the client with a new home. Right now we have several sources of homes that can be deployed in short order for those willing to change their lives.

If you know anyone that would like to enter our program please contact us.