Welcome to WATTS (We All Turn To Solar) Up America we are committed to building a vertically integrated approach to bringing the forgotten masses of low income people into the wide range of green technologies and industries by building fully funded projects that will employ them.  We have a simple path of House, Train, Employ the population we serve.  We hope you will join us in the wide range of methods from investment, volunteer, and donate in our wide range of projects and programs.

Our green flip program is devoted to buying property or land and using a wide range of green technologies improve the value of that property and re-sell it at a profit or generate profits from that land. We intend to use our residents in our poverty plan to employ and empower them or provide great volunteer programs for those who may never be able to return to the workforce.

We will seek every aspect of this program that can generate a dollar and make a reasonable part of that dollar be used as employment opportunities for our residents.

At this time we are providing an annual ROI of 12% to investors backed by leans on real estate for those wanting to make money with us